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Heavy Duty Cam Followers and Roller Followers are follower bearings designed for outer ring rotation, and feature superior resistance against heavy loads and/or shock loads,
incorporating full complements of cylindrical rollers in two rows in a thick walled outer ring. Both Heavy Duty Type Cam Followers with a stud and Heavy Duty Type Roller Followers with an inner ring are available.
As cylindrical rollers are used, these follower bearings can withstand heavy radial loads as well as bi-directional axial loads.
They are designed for outer ring rotation, and both crowned and cylindrical outer rings are available. The outer rings run directly on mating track surfaces, and crowned outer rings can moderate the edge load caused by mounting errors.
Cylindrical outer rings, on the other hand, have a large contact area with the mating track surface and are suitable for applications involving large loads or low track surface hardness.

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Heavy Duty Type Cam Followers and Roller Followers are used in a wide range of applications such as cam mechanisms, support rollers for conveying equipment, palletchanging mechanisms, etc. Track capacity is the allowable load for the steel-made mating track (flat surface) of Heavy Duty Type Cam Followers or Roller Followers, under which the track can be used continuously without deformation or dent marks. Track capacities shown in Tables 7.1 and 7.2 are the values in case that the hardness of the mating track is HRC40 (Tensile
strength 1250N/mm2). If the hardness of the mating track is not HRC40, the track capacity is obtained by multiplying the value by a track capacity factor shown.
If lubrication between the outer ring and the mating track is insufficient, seizure and/or wear may occur depending on the application. Therefore, it is needed to pay attention to lubrication and surface roughness of the mating track especially in case of high-speed operation such as cam mechanisms.


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